• Long-range wireless sensors monitor the designated elements and sends the information to the Smart Gateway, via RF protocol utilizing – uses ISM band e.g. 315, 433, 868, 915 MHz
  • The Smart Gateway sends the data to the application that resides in cloud, using different interfaces e.g. LAN, WiFi, BLE, 3G.
  • The application then could displays the data in Real-Time on PC / Tablet / Smartphone. It can also apply different set of rules to identify abnormality and send notifications to the customer.
  • In case the sensor is a control type (e.g. open/close valve), the Software can send a command message back to the sensor to perform an activity. 
  • The system is automatic – no human intervention required.

The RFN Mesh Protocol

The RFN Mesh solution utilizes a Low Power sync network based on synchronization beacons – one coordinator creates networks with up to 16K sensors.

The solution is based on the following three components:

  • Coordinator, manage all the network
  • Repeaters (Controls up to 128 Clients, direct and indirect), forward messages from and to the coordinator,
  • Endpoints do not communicate with clients and are built to be power efficient and last years on batteries.

Additional Features:

  • Encryption
  • Channel and network ID can be changed by SW
  • Capable of pairing with a specific coordinator
  • Self-healing, Auto repair (useful when a Repeater is removed from the network)