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Making IoT Projects Work


Since 2013, we are designing, developing, and manufacturing IoT solutions for various industry verticals. Our IoT field-proven technology provides real-time monitoring and control, utilizing the cloud infrastructure for high-level application and data storage.

We specialize in real-time sensors and IoT gateways to automatically and efficiently obtain vital information – anywhere, anytime.

Our solutions provide a holistic, systems approach to IoT’s growing requirements, enabling end-to-end, real-time monitoring for a wide variety of applications. We also offer tailor-made solutions upon request.


Real-time monitoring and control – the RF-Networks® product suite includes versatile wireless tags that provide real-time information and control 24/7. Data is transmitted from the sensors to the Smart Gateway, which conveys the data to cloud software, sending alerts in abnormality cases. The communication to the wireless tag is bidirectional; hence, the cloud software can also send back commands to the sensors, considering certain conditions or based on data analytic.

Mesh Protocol support – The RF-Networks® product suite provides encrypted Low Power Mesh Networks state of the art technology that enables to cover areas up to 10 KMs.

RF-Networks® Solutions


React faster for better production results at minimum cost. Our system helps monitor soil moisture, light radiation, air humidity and temperature, pH, CO2, and nutrient levels – allowing farmers to optimize irrigation levels for the best production results.

Smart Cities

Make intelligent decisions and optimize the available resources in real-time. Our versatile hardware covers almost
every aspect needed for today’s Smart City. Our sensors are used for environmental, energy, and transportation applications in Smart Cities.


Drive higher productivity and react effectively to malfunctions. We offer a wide range of sensors; for movement, temperature, noise, dry contact, and IR distance, providing real-time visibility of entire factories and production lines – driving higher productivity.


Reduce the risk to your temperature-sensitive products. Timely alerts and informative reports will ensure all products are optimally stored and shipped, help you take proactive corrective actions, shorten your quality improvement cycle and increase profit.

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