Cold-Chain – From Factory to Groceries Store

Cold-Chain – From Factory to Groceries Stores General  The RFN cold-chain solution enables real-time monitoring of goods’ temperature from the factory through the distribution chain to the supermarket/pharmacy, utilizing wireless Temp sensors. The solution includes RFN-Tags attached to the goods’ cases that collect & store the temperature information. The TAGs continuously transmit the Temp info […]

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Cranes Monitoring System

Cranes Monitoring System General  RF-Networks Cranes Monitoring System collects data from wireless sensors that are installed on the crane, analyzed it, and provides real-time info/alerts. Following are examples of the system’s functions:  Provides real-time alerts when crane operates in winds that are above the allowed safety conditions  Records the crane movements throughout the day –

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Fully Wireless Anemometer System

Fully Wireless Anemometer System General  Today, Anemometers (wind-speed meter) could be installed on the Crane’s Jib and are used to report wind-speed information to the crane’s operator. RF-Networks Anemometer solution is cost-effective fully wireless device – installation procedure is easy and takes less than 30 minutes. The solution includes a mobile app that presents real-time

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Smart Crops Monitoring System

Smart Crops Monitoring System General  Precision agriculture uses information gathered from different data sources (e.g., sensors, satellite images, etc.) to optimize the agriculture procedures – to use less and grow more – higher crop quality, water-saving, quicker collection time, etc. How it Operates The RFN Smart Crops Monitoring System uses five wireless sensors – three

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