Cranes Monitoring System


RF-Networks Cranes Monitoring System collects data from wireless sensors that are installed on the crane, analyzed it, and provides real-time info/alerts. Following are examples of the system’s functions:

  •  Provides real-time alerts when crane operates in winds that are above the allowed safety conditions
  •  Records the crane movements throughout the day – for post analyses (e.g. accidents investigation, preferred crane location)

The solution includes a mobile app that presents a dashboard of all the cranes’ info and alerts.

How it Operates

  • The solution consists of two GPS sensors, two wind speed sensors, two pressure sensors, and one GW.
  • GPS 1 sensor provides the location of the end of the Jib (working arm). GPS2 provides the Trolley location.
  • Pressure 1 (HTP) sensor provides the pressure at the Jib height. Pressure 2  the hook height pressure. 
  • Pressure 2 (HTP) sensor provides the pressure at the hook height. 
  • The Gateway is located in the operator cabin.
  • The hook location is calculated, considering the hook distance from the Jib (using the two pressure sensors) and the GPS 2 information. 
  • All the sensors send the data to the Gateway every 0.1 seconds (configurable). 
  • The Gateway transmits the info to the application on the cloud.