Real-Time Location System

The RFN’s Real-Time Location System (RTLS) utilizes RFID/BT Tags to pinpoint objects’ location, using RF signal strength analysis. Based on the object location and other info/logic, the system can apply specific functions (e.g., send the object location’s info, sends a trigger to close a door, send alerts, etc.). The solution includes RFIDs, Repeaters, Gateways, and Management application. 

How it Operates
The Repeater receives the signals from the Tag then calculates its signal strength and transfers this info to the Gateway, which sends it to the management application, via WAN/LAN/Cellular networks. The management application receives the event information and applies predefined functions. 

Applications Support 

Health Care Applications
• Nursing homes patient tracking, nurse call system, staff’s code white, wandering patientד management
• Health care security and safety for the staff (Code White)
• Hospital patient tracking/flow
• Mass casualty event
• Hospital assets tracking

Assets Logistic Tracking Applications
• Retail chains inventory management and assets tracking
• Logistics chain management

Security and Monitoring Applications
• Assets security monitoring (inc. CCTTV Cam integration)
• Visitors tracking – Security geo fencing designated areas

Staff Monitoring and Securing applications
• Staff presence and arrival
• Staff tracking at high-risk areas (mining, defense, maritime, oil& gas)
• Staff monitoring – un-authorized area access

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