Cold-Chain – From Factory to Groceries Stores


The RFN cold-chain solution enables real-time monitoring of goods’ temperature from the factory through the distribution chain to the supermarket/pharmacy, utilizing wireless Temp sensors. The solution includes RFN-Tags attached to the goods’ cases that collect & store the temperature information. The TAGs continuously transmit the Temp info via the RFN-GWs to the application in the cloud, for post-processing/alerts. In case of abnormal temperature conditions, the application sends real-time alerts with the specific TAG info and the abnormal temperature conditions. The GWs are located in the factory shipping place, the delivery trucks, and at the end-point locations. In case the connection between the TAG and the GW is lost, for a certain period, the TAG continues to collect the temperature information and sends it when the TAG reconnects. The TAG can also collect additional info, e.g., humidity, pressure, etc. 

The solution can also be utilized to monitor restaurants’ food storage, which is critical for HACCP compliance. It can secure food freshness and reduce the risk of costly spoilage, while maintaining accurate temperature recordkeeping. The solution provides service 24×7.

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